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We've been delivering exceptional IT services for over 28 years and use a proprietary hosting platform to ensure you receive the very best performance from your hosting without compromising security.


£15/ monthly

CLOUD HOSTING High performance cloud platform

  • Self Managed with cPanel
  • 10GB Storage space
  • 10 users/email addresses
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 3 MySQL Databases


£29/ monthly

CLOUD HOSTING High performance cloud platform

  • Self Managed with cPanel
  • 50GB Storage Space
  • 15 users/email addresses
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 5 MySQL Databases


£-/ call for price

Premium custom-made hosting solutions

  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Expert Design
  • Enhanced Security
Unlike others Camkat are not satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach, we run server-specific configurations - each of which is designed, configured and optimised for the application/framework that you're hosting. This ensures the best possible performance for your websites.

Application and features


For an easy start we provide 1-click installer on all plans, For WordPress super speed we offer LiteSpeed on all plans

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Your application - faster with Camkat

The underlying Camkat software stack works in harmony with many popular applications to bring the operations of application and web server ever closer together. This unique approach means much of your content can be delivered at blazing-fast speeds, right from the front edge, without even needing to engage website code such as PHP. Even for those applications which do not yet directly interface with the web server, security and performance configurations are utilised to ensure an optimum experience.

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Questions and answers

1Can I upgrade my services?
You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time in our customer portal.
2Does Camkat services support PHP version 7?
Yes, we do! We support all versions of PHP from 4. You can select the version on a per-account basis via the control panel.
3Can you migrate my website?
Yes, we can almost always help with this! Please contact us to discuss your migration needs.


If there is something that can make your website faster, we will be among the first to implement it..

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Why choose Camkat|hosting?

We ensure server security and our performance configurations provide an optimum experience with blazing-fast speeds.


PCI-DSS Compliant Free SSL Certificates Private Account Environment


100% Uptime Guarantee Self-Healing Intelligent Cloud Hourly Off-site Backups

Technical support

Technical support can be accessed through our client portal

Complete solutions

All our solutions can be viewed by visiting the services page
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